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There is a “relentless tide of optimism” at the U.S. offices of this “dynamic” software titan, where “every challenge is viewed as a learning opportunity.” With SAP’s worldwide headquarters in Germany, employees stateside feel they’re part of a “global community,” where “anyone in the world” is willing to lend a helping hand.


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Rank last year


Years on list


HQ location

Newtown Square, Pa.

Total employees


Job openings (as of February 2017)



Information Technology

Revenue (2016 or most recent year)

$7.1 billion

Year founded


Type of organization


Number of work sites


Unlimited sick days
Onsite fitness center
Job sharing
Onsite medical care facility
Domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples
Non-discrimination policy includes sexual orientation
Sick days for part-timers
Health insurance for part-timers
PTO for volunteering
College tuition reimbursement
% Women35%
% Minorities32%
% African-American/Black3%
% Asian22%
% Caucasian/White68%
% Hispanic/Latino4%
% Native American/Alaska Native< 1%
% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander< 1%
% Two or more races1%
% Unknown ethnicity1%
Paid Time Off
General PTO26
Total PTO after 5 years34
# Sick daysUnlimited
Max hours PTO for volunteering8
General PTO for part-timers15
# Sick days for part-timers5
Most common job (for salaried employee)Senior Developer
Avg. base pay (salaried)$121,299
Avg. extra compensation (salaried)$16,100
Total pay for most common job (salaried)$137,399
Most common job (for hourly employee)Intern/Diploma Student
Avg. base pay (hourly)$49,577
Avg. extra compensation (hourly)-
Total pay for most common job (hourly)$49,577
Avg. monthly rate for onsite childcare-
Hiring/Staffing (Past 12 Months)
Full-time job growth %8%
# of job applicants799,616
Avg. # of applicants per opening30
FT voluntary turnover3%
Jobs filled internally0.275
% Jobs filled by referral30
# New graduates hired381
Avg. college tuition reimbursed$8,000
Avg. # hours training (salaried workers)70
Avg. # hours training (hourly workers)60

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