The first woman to run a North American car company was paid well for it.

Mark Fields says the car is evolving from the “ultimate industrial product” into the “ultimate technology product”­ — which means facing a whole new class of competition.

Despite some gains, U.S. automakers still trail their foreign competitors.

The electric car company boss did not get paid for his work in 2014.

The newest model from the Japanese company can (literally) reach the sky.

Mercedes-Benz has been bracing for an antitrust fine from China’s regulators for the last few months. On Thursday, it got the news–and it’s not good. The National Development and Reform Commission hit the luxury car unit of Daimler AG for $56 million for price-gouging in regard to its E-class and S-class sedans and components for […]

Foreign companies are able to undercut the iconic brand.

What’s good for drivers isn’t good for Tesla.