Here’s one that will keep you up at night: Audi’s new ad features a thundering horde of mechanics, ominous music, and a creepy tagline to boot. The ad, viewable below, was created by German ad agency Thjnk and Radical Media director Sebastian Strasser, according to AdWeek. The mass of zombie-like creatures chasing the Audi in […]

The Taraf sedan is coming to Europe and other markets

The main talking point at this week’s Geneva car show is likely to be a vehicle that may never be built: the Apple car. The world’s automakers will gather in the Swiss city to tout their latest minivans, city cars and sport utility vehicles against an uncertain market backdrop, with growing signs of recovery in […]

Thousands of Uber’s driver names and license numbers may be in the hands of an unauthorized third party due to a data breach.

These vehicles have steady sales despite less-than-stellar ratings from Consumer Reports and J.D. Power.

They cost, well, a lot

It’s the most potent American production car on the market.

GM got south-east Asia wrong. Now it’s trying again, hoping its Chinese partners will help it get it right this time.