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Welcome to Fortune’s 2017 40 Under 40, our annual ranking of the most influential young people in business. Read on to meet these disruptors, innovators, rebels and artists—and prepare to be inspired.
1 Emmanuel Macron 39 President of France -
2 Mark Zuckerberg 33 CEO and founder Facebook
3 Cheng Wei and Jean Liu 35, 39 Founder and CEO; President Didi Chuxing
4 Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, Joe Gebbia 35, 34, 35 CEO; Cofounders Airbnb
5 Leo Varadkar 38 Prime Minister of Ireland -
6 John and Patrick Collison 27, 28 Cofounders Stripe
7 Serena Williams 35 Living tennis legend -
8 John Zimmer and Logan Green 33, 33 Cofounders Lyft
9 Daniel Schwartz 36 CEO Restaurant Brands
10 Brian Armstrong 34 CEO and cofounder Coinbase
10 Vitalik Buterin 23 Creator Ethereum
11 Tobias Lütke 37 CEO and founder Shopify
12 Adam Neumann 38 CEO and cofounder WeWork
13 Daniel Ek 34 CEO and founder Spotify
14 Ben Silbermann 35 CEO and cofounder Pinterest
15 Pei-Chun Tsai 37 CEO Pou Chen Group
16 Geraldine Buckingham 39 Global head of corporate strategy BlackRock
17 Kevin Hart 38 Comedian and mogul HartBeat Productions
18 Jared Cohen and Yasmin Green 35, 35 CEO; Director of R&D Alphabet's Jigsaw team
19 Drew Houston 34 CEO and cofounder Dropbox
20 Hu Weiwei and Xia Yiping 35, 36 Cofounders Mobike
21 Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy 27, 29 CEO; CTO Snap
22 Katrina Lake 34 CEO and founder Stitch Fix
23 Conor Flynn 37 CEO Kimco Realty
24 Susan Fowler - Editor-in-chief Increment Magazine
25 Seth Moulton 38 Member of Congress -
25 Elise Stefanik 33 Member of Congress -
26 Dmitri Alperovitch 35 CTO and cofounder Crowdstrike
27 Divya Nag 26 Special projects, responsible for CareKit and ResearchKit Apple
28 Philip Krim 34 CEO and cofounder Casper
29 Chance the Rapper 24 Musician and rule breaker -
30 Bryan Sheffield 39 Chairman, CEO and founder Parsley Energy
31 Amber Baldet 35 Executive director and blockchain program lead J.P. Morgan
32 Ernie Garcia, Ryan Keeton, and Ben Huston 35, 39, 34 CEO; cofounders Carvana
33 Tristan Walker 33 CEO and founder Walker & Co.
34 Michelle Zatlyn 38 COO and cofounder Cloudflare
35 Ryan Cohen 32 CEO Chewy
36 Julia Hartz 37 CEO Eventbrite
37 Helmy Eltoukhy and AmirAli Talasaz 38, 38 Cofounder and CEO; Cofounder and president Guardant Health
38 Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal 31, 32 CEO; President Outcome Health
39 Emily Weiss 32 CEO and founder Glossier
40 Leila Janah 34 CEO and founder Samasource

Divya Nag, 26

Special projects, responsible for CareKit and ResearchKit, Apple
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Courtesy of Apple

By the time Nag had joined Apple, at age 23, she had dropped out of Stanford, founded a stem-cell research startup, and begun a medical investment accelerator. Now she oversees Apple’s ambitious ResearchKit and CareKit programs that encourage developers to build health-related apps. If Apple succeeds, it could transform clinical trials from isolated events at hospitals to ongoing studies that capture vital signs from omnipresent sensors. Nag’s personal goal is no less ambitious. “I want to put people in charge of their health,” she says. “It’s not about living with a specific disease or condition. It’s about living. Full stop.”

40 Under 40

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