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Welcome to the 2014 40 under 40, our list of the most influential young people in business. They’re in technology, yes, but also finance, fashion, film, real estate and even plant-based food. They’re all disrupting—and they’re all just getting started.
1 Travis Kalanick & Brian Chesky 38, 33 Co-founder and CEO Uber / Airbnb
2 Mark Zuckerberg 30 Founder and CEO Facebook
3 Matteo Renzi 39 Prime Minister Italy
4 Andriy Kobolyev 36 CEO Naftogaz
5 Jan Koum 38 Co-founder and CEO WhatsApp
6 Marissa Mayer 39 President and CEO Yahoo
7 Tom Farley 38 President NYSE
8 Kevin Systrom 30 Cofounder and CEO Instagram
9 Elizabeth Holmes 30 Founder and CEO Theranos
10 Jesse Cohn 34 Portfolio manager and head of U.S. equity activism Elliott Management
10 Mason Morfit 39 President ValueAct Capital
11 Jack Dorsey 37 Co-founder and CEO Square, Twitter
11 Ben Silbermann 32 Co-founder and CEO Pinterest
12 Nick Woodman 39 Founder & CEO GoPro
13 Ben Rhodes 36 Deputy National Security Adviser White House
14 Evan Spiegel 24 Co-founder and CEO Snapchat
14 Emily White 36 COO Snapchat
15 Lyndon Rive 37 Co-founder and CEO SolarCity
16 Raj Chetty 35 Economics professor Harvard University
17 Peter Wallace 39 Senior managing director Blackstone
18 Liv Garfield 39 CEO Severn Trent
19 Anthony Watson 37 Chief Information Officer Nike
20 Megan Ellison 28 Producer and Founder Annapurna Films
21 Rahul Sharma 37 Co-founder and CEO Micromax
22 Josh Tetrick 34 CEO and Founder Hampton Creek
22 Julie Smolyansky 39 CEO and President Lifeway Foods
23 Delphine Arnault 39 EVP Louis Vuitton, LVMH
24 Tang Yan 35 Founder and CEO Momo
25 Kevin Chou 34 Co-Founder and CEO Kabam
25 Kunal Bahl 31 Co-Founder and CEO Snapdeal
26 Rebecca Minkoff 33 Co-founder and creative director Rebecca Minkoff
27 Sam Nazarian 39 Founder and CEO SBE
28 Vijaya Gadde 39 General counsel Twitter
29 Robert Reffkin 35 Founder and CEO Urban Compass
30 Sophia Amoruso 30 Founder and CEO Nasty Gal
31 George Logothetis 39 Chairman and CEO Libra Group
32 Hannah Minghella 35 President of production Columbia Pictures
33 Ivanka Trump 32 Executive vice president, development and acquisitions; Founder and CEO Ivanka Trump Apparel and Accessories
34 Nate Morris 33 Founder and CEO Rubicon Global
35 Tristan Walker 30 Founder and CEO Walker & Co.
36 Sarah Kauss 39 Founder and CEO S’well
37 Alexa von Tobel 31 Founder and CEO LearnVest
38 Michael Patterson 39 Partner Highbridge Principal Strategies
39 Ellen MacArthur 38 Founder Ellen MacArthur Foundation
40 Gary Vaynerchuk 38 Co-founder and CEO VaynerMedia

Michael Patterson, 39

Partner, Highbridge Principal Strategies
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Courtesy of Highbridge

Mike Patterson has never been wary of going first. In the Navy, he helped plan the military’s first drone-enabled strikes (back then the drones themselves couldn’t carry missiles). He left the Navy shortly before September 11, 2001, but returned to the military briefly to assist in retargeting the drones after the terrorist attacks. After shifting to finance-his first gig was in private equity at Goldman Sachs—Patterson co-founded in 2007 Highbridge Principal Strategies, an offshoot of the JPMorgan-owned multi-strategy hedge fund, where he launched one of the first funds focused on direct lending. His timing was perfect: within a year, the credit crunch hit and companies came knocking; now, with $7 billion in his funds—mostly made up of loans to distressed low-profile, mid-sized companies—Patterson has become a go-to guy for companies in trouble, or, as Patterson puts it, “need help with complicated problems.” (He won’t say which, but you have heard of some.) The loans are risky, but Patterson has never a default, and has produced an annual return of 13%, far better than most hedge funds in the same period. Along with his loan fund, Patterson is also responsible for co-heading Highbridge’s entire $19 billion debt investment division. Patterson is passionate about helping fellow veterans. When JPMorgan wanted to do more to assist vets two years ago, Patterson helped develop a hiring program for the bank.

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