By Sy Mukherjee
April 2, 2019

Hello and happy Tuesday, readers!

As our fourth annual Brainstorm Health conference gets underway, Arianna Huffington—founder and CEO of wellness outfit Thrive Global and one of our very own conference co-chairs—has a new piece up on Fortune asserting that our collective way of thinking about health is at an inflection point.

Why? Because, for businesses, the evidence has become increasingly clear that their workers are burned out, bummed out, and generally stressed out of their minds.

“A survey by Harvard Medical School found that 96% of senior leaders reported feeling burned out. And stress is costing the U.S. economy $300 billion annually in sick time, disability, and job turnover,” writes Huffington.

But there’s good news thanks to both transformative technology and, more importantly, a shift in outlook. “The workplace is in a state of profound transition right now. It’s not just about A.I. and automation but about rethinking how we work and the fundamental relationship between companies and their employees. More and more businesses are realizing that what is missing in the narrow and flawed definition of success is people and the very experiences that shape their lives—both at work and at home,” she writes.

Huffington will be moderating several fascinating panels over the next two days of Brainstorm Health centered on this very transformation and what it could mean for workplace culture, productivity, and employees’ wellbeing, especially when it comes to mental and overall health. I encourage you to follow her sessions—and, really, all of our must-watch panels—via Fortune‘s livestream of the event. And, once again, if you’re around here in San Diego for the event, feel free to drop me a line.

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Sy Mukherjee


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