By Alan Murray and David Meyer
February 14, 2019

Good morning.

A drum roll for this one, please. The best company to work for this year, according to the analytics done for Fortune by our partners at Great Place to Work (for more about the factors they measure, click here), is not a tech firm like Salesforce last year, or Google the year before. And it doesn’t have free gourmet food or nap pods (although it does have lots of beds.)

The winner is Hilton. And a good bit of the credit goes to CEO Chris Nassetta, who understands that happy and engaged employees are the key to a great customer experience, and who says he is “obsessed” with taking care of his employees. The company employs a whopping 62,403 people, spread all over the globe. But Nassetta has worked to upgrade the staff experience, and placed a special emphasis on education and training. The folks at Great Place to Work say Hilton particularly outperforms among “line level” workers, such as cleaning and kitchen staff, who often feel the most disenfranchised.

In Hilton’s case, happy workers lead to happy customers, which lead to good business: the stock is up 274% from its IPO price in 2013. (By the way, this year is Hilton’s 100th anniversary.)

Others in the top six:

2) Salesforce
3) Wegmans Food Markets
4) Workday
5) Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
6) Cisco

You can see the full list of 100 here. More news below.

Alan Murray


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