By Alan Murray and David Meyer
January 3, 2019

Good morning.

Yesterday’s CEO Daily pointed to signs that a recession may be looming in 2019. But one man who doesn’t see it is Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta, who sat down recently with Fortune’s Susie Gharib. “I think 2019 is going to be a reasonably good year for the U.S. economy,” he told her. “When I talk to our biggest corporate customers, what they say to me is: they read the newspapers, they watch the news, and it is hard for them not to be a little bit more cautious. But they are still reasonably optimistic, they are still incrementally hiring more people, they are still incrementally spending more on cap ex.”

Nassetta expressed only a bit more concern about business relations with China, where Hilton has been expanding at the blistering rate of one new hotel a week (including the scenic Fuxian Lake hotel, where we will be holding the Fortune Global Sustainability Forum in September.) “Of course I’m worried” about the trade dispute, Nassetta said. But he added: “At the moment, we are not seeing any real impact from it.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook sounded somewhat less optimistic yesterday, blaming a slowdown in China for the company’s projection of weaker revenue growth in the quarter ended in December. “Trade tensions put additional pressure” on the Chinese economy, Cook said on CNBC.

By the way, if you collect offbeat recession indicators, check out this one in Barron’s on how frequently the word has been searched on Google in the last few months.

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Alan Murray


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