What were your favorite colors to use on Instagram?
Thomas Trutschel Photothek via Getty Images
By Emily Price
January 2, 2019

You’ve probably seen a ton of posts in recent weeks with your friends’ Top 9 Instagram posts of 2018. That shows you what your most popular posts of the year were, but how about your most popular colors?

Year of Colour is a third-party web app that analyzes your Instagram feed and determines what your favorite colors are to post.

To use it, you have to sign in to the app using your Instagram account. It only works for public accounts, and will only analyze the first Instagram account associated with your log-in (so if you have a business and personal profile linked, make sure the one you want is listed first).

Year of Colour @emilyp

Once you get everything connected, the tool will create a bubble chart of all of the colors you posted on Instagram over the course of the year.

Each circle in the chart represents one of 10 significant colors the app extracted from the images you posted. The size of each circle also represents both how significant the color was in the image as well as how well liked the photo was by your followers.

And if you still haven’t created one of those ‘Top 9’ posts and you want to, you can create one of those using this third-party app.


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