By David Meyer
November 27, 2018

Good morning. David Meyer here, filling in for Alan from Cape Town.

Fortune’s Shawn Tully has a great piece out this morning on Delta CEO Ed Bastian, who—incredibly—only set foot on a plane for the first time at age 25.

That’s a fun detail, but the article also provides a deep and fascinating primer on where Delta is at in relation to the industry at home and abroad, and the challenges faced by the values-driven Bastian. Here are a few tidbits that really stood out to me:

  • Thanks to aggressive pricing from budget carriers, 2014-2018 saw an across-the-industry drop of around a quarter in business fares. But rising oil prices have forced the budget carriers to raise their prices, and Delta has now recouped half of the drop.
  • With revenues flat-ish, Delta has quite a lot riding on its co-branded credit cards with AmEx, as well as its switch—in common with much of the industry—to larger planes that are also more fuel-efficient.
  • The importance of Delta’s overseas growth is also notable; it’s extremely reliant on the future of the carrier’s partnerships with Air France-KLM and Virgin Atlantic (where a merger of the joint ventures should make Delta a much more attractive choice for corporates), and with Korean Air (which is helping Delta escape a sticky situation with the repurposing of a Japanese hub.)

Bastian’s challenges range from rising fuel costs and the specter of a U.S. slowdown or recession, to Brexit and competition in that credit-card market. He may be popular with his staff now—don’t forget Bastian was on Fortune‘s list of the World’s Greatest Leaders this year—but there may be strong turbulence ahead.

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David Meyer


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