By Sy Mukherjee
September 24, 2018

Happy Monday, readers. This is Sy.

I’m traveling back to New York from our nation’s capital after an edifying time at the Biden Cancer Summit. I’ll have a lot more to say about that—as well as about my luncheon panel with Dr. Laura Esserman, Dr. Feng Zhang, and Bibhash Mukhopadhyay—in short time.

But I wanted to start off with one of the buzziest stories in biopharma this week. On Monday, shares of New Jersey-based drug maker Amarin shot up a stunning 300% on the strength of a cardiovascular outcomes clinical trial for its cholesterol drug Vascepa. The (apparently) groundbreaking substance at the heart of the treatment? Good, old-fashioned fish oil.

According to the company—and it’s worth noting that the full data set for the trial isn’t public yet—the Vascepa fish oil capsule reduced the risk of certain serious cardiovascular events (such as stroke and heart attack) for certain heart patients (those who had high levels of triglyceride fats in their blood and high cholesterol levels being held in check by statins) by 25% compared with placebo. That’s an eye-popping figure when it comes to the heart health space.

The results from the so-called REDUCE-IT trial are already turning heads in the cardiological community. There are plenty of treatments that have proven their ability to slash levels of “bad” cholesterol like LDL-C and other potentially harmful elements; what has sometimes been less clear is how such therapies translate into reducing actual cardiovascular catastrophes such as heart attack, stroke, and hospitalization due to CVD-related events. On first glance, Amarin’s prescription fish oil therapy appears to have impressed on this very front.

On another note: Please make sure to check out Fortune‘s extraordinary new Most Powerful Women list and all of its accompanying commentary. It’s a fascinating collection exploring even more fascinating women in business.

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Sy Mukherjee


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