By Alan Murray and David Meyer
July 20, 2018

Good morning, and happy Friday.

Yesterday, we released the Fortune Global 500, our annual list of the world’s largest public companies, ranked by revenue. You can see the full list here, but for CEO Daily readers, I have some exclusive takeaways from datameister Scott DeCarlo:

  • Together, the 500 companies accounted for $30 trillion in revenue in 2018 — an amount equal to 38% of global GDP. Don’t let anyone tell you big companies don’t matter.
  • Amazingly, only 12 of those companies — or 2.4% — are headed by women, which suggests the world is making bad use of half the global talent pool. The number is down from 14 last year.
  • Profits were up 23% last year from a year earlier, totaling $1.88 trillion.
  • China now accounts for 111 companies on the list, up from just 29 a decade ago. The U.S. was down six to 126.
  • There were 13 fast-growing Fortune Global 500 companies that jumped more than 100 places in rank from a year ago, including Alibaba (No. 300), Tencent (No. 331), and Facebook (No. 274).

And remember when McDonald’s was the ultimate symbol of global commerce? The hamburger chain fell off the 2018 Global 500 list.

Also yesterday, we released our new 40 under 40 list. That one, I’m happy to say, has 18 women on it. You can see the full list of young people shaking the world here.

I’ll be on vacation next week, but the Daily will continue in David Meyer’s competent hands.

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Alan Murray


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