By Erin Corbett
May 27, 2018

An American Airlines passenger was arrested on Wednesday after arguing with a flight attendant and fighting with another passenger on a Miami-bound flight from St. Croix. The altercation started when a passenger, who was later identified by FBI agents as Jason Felix, was causing a stir in the bathroom, the Washington Post reported.

After noises were coming from the bathroom of Flight 1293—where Felix was opening and closing cabinets—a flight attendant opened the door to check on him. Felix slammed the door and locked it. Once he re-emerged from the bathroom, the passenger started a ruckus, yelling when the flight attendant wouldn’t serve him more alcohol.

A series of videos from the flight show the passenger yelling at the flight attendant, using homophobic slurs and throwing punches. He also started a fight with another passenger, spit blood on him, and threatened to kill him, according to WPLG.

About an hour into the flight, Felix pressed the button to call a flight attendant so he could order another beer, and the attendant refused. He then chased the flight attendant and demanded to be served. One video shows the flight attendant telling Felix he needs to “please sit down,” with the crew member adding, “I’m not bringing you more beers.” After the flight attendant walked away, Felix and his seatmate got into an altercation. “They appeared to be hitting each other,” according to FBI documents, cited by the Post.

In another video, passengers appear to be holding Felix back, as he claims, “I know my rights … That man is going to lose his job.”

A man seated in the aisle next to Felix later told the FBI he knew him from the Virgin Islands. The man, who said he was a police officer, told the FBI that Felix’s reputation was “not good” the Post reported. According to documents, Felix began yelling at the man, “I’m going to kill you. I know you are a cop.”

A written statement issued by American Airlines to ABC News read: “On Wednesday, May 23, American Airlines requested law enforcement meet flight 1293 from St. Croix to Miami due to a disruptive passenger. We thank our crew for taking care of our customers and are proud of the work they do every single day. Please contact law enforcement for additional details.”

Felix is facing charges of interfering with a flight crew, which can carry up to a 20-year sentence, according to the Post.


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