By Ellen McGirt
Updated: March 8, 2018 5:25 PM ET

Happy International Women’s Day!

I’m still very much in the mix here at Accenture’s IWD event, which is bringing together some fascinating people — like Sabeen Ali, CEO of Angelhack; Meg Whitman, CEO of New TV; and Bernard Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente — to share specific practices people can adopt to create a more equitable workplace, now, and at scale.

Catch up on all the good stuff here.

I polled the audience to see how optimistic they were that the world was moving in a more equitable direction — they were mostly optimistic, falling squarely in the middle range. That seems about right.

I also spent the minutes I was allotted to talk about the journey of developing the race beat at Fortune two years ago, and what I’ve learned from all of you.

I heaped praise on all your names.

It also gave me a chance to publicly acknowledge all my colleagues, particularly Alan Murray and Clifton Leaf, then heads of the Fortune brand and the magazine, respectively, who saw an opportunity in the marketplace of ideas for a conversation about race and business; and specifically, that Fortune had a unique role to play in exploring the issues that impact the human pipeline from birth to C-Suite.

I learned about inclusion when they included me, an experience that is amplified daily by the work we get to do together.

Thanks again to all of you.

Finally, I shared a video created by gospel singer Mykal Kilgore, a gorgeous riff on the now famous “reclaiming my time,” moment between Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The work is tough. The needs are great. And the cost to society of an unequal world is real.

But as Kilgore reminds us, there is joy in the work, and we must reclaim that too. Plus, it’s just a really good song to have in your head as it all burns down around you.


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