By Verne Kopytoff
December 27, 2017

President Donald Trump’s machinations, bitcoin’s stratospheric rise, and a renewed debate over race and gender were some of this year’s most discussed topics. And many of Fortune’s must-read articles of 2017 happened to focus on these hot-button issues.

Below, you’ll find stories about Trump’s push to defang environmental regulations, enraging his critics in the process. Other articles looked at bitcoin and the complications that come with the digital currency gaining so much value in so little time.

Additionally, Fortune published countless stories about the diversity and its many nuances. Included in this list are a female tech executive’s impassioned response to claims that women are ill-suited for tech careers and an essay arguing against banning books that include racist language. They’re both timely and important.

We’re very proud of the work that we produced in 2017, and we look forward to doing even more in 2018. Happy reading.



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