By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
December 1, 2017

Good morning,

It is Feedback Friday, and time to share some of the swarm of commentary I continue to receive on the tax bill being rushed through Congress. My comments yesterday clearly left many CEO Daily readers unsatisfied.

This is from F.S.:

“My concern w/ the tax bill and the relatively positive view you have of it is simple—the bill is religious in nature and not fact based.”

And this from G.S., one CEO who is not celebrating:

“I am not on the fence. $20 trillion in debt and counting does not end well in any universe I’m aware of. If we don’t get our arms around it, it will get its arms around us and most likely in a subsequent generation—which puts a moral imperative in play.”

R.L.—also a CEO—proposes a compromise:

“The corporate tax cut is being framed as a yes/no question. If that is the question I agree with you the answer is yes, for all the reasons you articulate. But it is of course a sliding scale—before the election, corporate leaders would have been happy with 25% and a competitive international system. Now we are at 20% and that last 5% costs a lot.”

And my friend J.G. continues to excoriate me:

“Why not also extol the deliberative democratic process, consisting of experts on all sides, thorough debate across the country, while you are at it?”

I’m in Hong Kong today, on my way to Guangzhou, where we will be hosting Fortune Brainstorm Tech International and the Fortune Global Forum next week. I’ll be reporting from there all week, so stay tuned.

News below. Have a great weekend.

Alan Murray


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