A section of the August 2017 cover of Fortune magazine.
Fortune/Time Inc.
By Andrew Nusca
October 30, 2017

Adweek, the media industry trade publication, named Fortune its hottest business magazine for 2017.

Fortune was one of 14 titles that received a nod this year.

Adweek’s Chris Ariens writes that Fortune touts a new look and logo—which we unveiled a year ago—and if we may be so bold, a new energy, too.

Fortune is striking gold in print and on the web,” Ariens writes. “Its conference business is booming and, along with Barclays, it has launched a new stock market index based on its iconic Fortune 500 list.”

We, of course, heartily agree. For more gold, look no further than the cover of our annual Investor’s Guide, coming soon to a newsstand near you.


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