It's smaller than this.
Gary Friedman LA Times via Getty Images
By Emily Price
October 25, 2017

Everyone knows that one guy who slurps his soup just a little too loud (or way too loud). Now’s there’s a solution for the problem: a noise-canceling fork.

Digital Trends reports that Japanese instant-noodle company Nissan has developed a noise-canceling utensil designed to help mute the sounds of slurping your favorite bowl of noodles.

The company made the fork by recording slurping sounds and isolating key slurp noises. When it detects a slurping noise, the fork, which looks a bit like an electric toothbrush, will play a loud, electronic noise that kind of sounds like a mix of a trip to space and waves crashing onto the shores of the beach.

So, it’s not going to exactly convince people you’re not slurping, but it might be a slightly more preferable sound?

The company is currently crowdfunding the fork. If 5,000 opt to preorder irate then it will start shipping the device, which runs roughly $130 per fork.


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