Passengers waiting for their flight queing up on a Starbucks coffee.
Kickers-Getty Images
By Mahita Gajanan
August 7, 2017

Starbucks is shutting down rumors that the coffee giant will offer discounted beverages and foods to undocumented immigrants this month.

The company is also going after fake Starbucks advertisements calling Aug. 11 “Dreamer Day.” The false ads, which spread across Twitter, said undocumented individuals will receive 40% off any menu item on Aug. 11.

In an email to the Associated Press, Starbucks global communications vice president John Kelly said the rumor is “completely false. One hundred percent fake.” Starbucks’ company Twitter account is also responding to posts about the false advertisement, denying that it is sponsoring an event for immigrants.

“We’re sorry you’ve been misinformed,” Starbucks said in one tweet. “This is completely false. Starbucks is not sponsoring any such event.”


The ad appears to have originated on 4 Chan where a person posted about creating the false day, according to BuzzFeed.

The coffee sparked controversy earlier this year when it pledged to hire thousands of refugees following President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from several Muslim-majority countries.


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