By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
July 25, 2017

Good morning.

One of the biggest policy errors of the Trump administration has been its handling of immigration policy. The U.S. has always been a magnet for the world’s talent, particularly in tech, and that in turn has powered the nation’s growth. But it has lost that sheen since the election.

One beneficiary of the change has been Canada. In the August issue of Fortune, we look at the boom Vancouver is enjoying as a result. “While other countries are looking in,” British Columbia Premier Christy Clark told a tech summit in March, “let’s be a country and a province that is looking out…that is welcoming people in—the best and the brightest from every corner of the globe.”

Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon all have offices in Vancouver, as well as a host of smaller companies. Over the past decade, tech employment has grown 27%. Clark has floated the idea of a “doctorate for citizenship” program, granting Canadian citizenship to people on the day they receive their Ph.D.

And it’s not just Vancouver. Google has established an AI research office in Montreal, while Uber has chosen Toronto as an outpost for self-driving car research. The Canadian government in June announced a package of immigration changes called the Global Skills Strategy aimed at fast-tracking visas for skilled workers, and providing a concierge service that will walk companies through the process of opening an office on Canadian soil.

You can read the Fortune stories here and here. More news below.

Alan Murray



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