This time drawing inspiration from its own stores.

By Lisa Marie Segarra
July 12, 2017

Balenciaga is not done giving shopping bags luxurious upgrades.

First, the French fashion house came out with a bag eerily similar to Ikea’s Frakta tote. Now, its latest design looks like an upscale version of the free one customers get after making a purchase at one of their own stores.

Of course, this bag is made of calf skin leather rather than paper. It also comes with a double zipper fastening and pockets inside, plus Nappa leather handles and silver hardware.

And also unlike the bag customers receive in store, the bag Balenciaga comes at a price: The fashion house is selling the bag through retailer Colette for €1,595. That comes out to about $1,832.

According to Colette’s website, the bag is a limited edition item connected to the French retailer dedicating the entire second floor of its Paris location to Balenciaga’s Men Fall/Winter 2017 collection from June 19 through Aug. 5.


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