Grab the industry's hottest console before the holiday crowds swarm.

By Chris Morris
July 10, 2017

Nintendo’s new console is still one of the hottest items at retail. Finding one at a brick-and-mortar location is very much a matter of luck.

But some online stores have been offering the hybrid home/portable console on a more frequent basis lately. You’ll largely have to pre-order the system—meaning you’ll have to wait a few weeks before you have it in hand. And bundles are easier to find than standalone units, which bumps the price beyond the base $299.

That said, with the fourth-quarter holiday season not too far away, finding a Switch will become more challenging as fall approaches. Whether it’s on your own wish list or that of a loved one, now’s the time to start looking. Here are a few places you can find the elusive game system.

ThinkGeek—The home some of the quirkiest things on the Internet is also a good place to find a Switch. A couple of weeks ago the site received a large shipment of Switches and offered them for sale in a variety of bundles. The best ones are already sold out, but you can still get a good deal on the hardware and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (along with a Zelda-themed watch) for $420.

GameStop—The leading video game retailer is out of stock with a number of its bundles, but still has two for people who are interested in trying out Nintendo’s newest franchise. For $470, fans can get the hardware, a copy of ARMS, a Switch Pro Controller, a digital copy of Has-Been Heroes, and an AC-adapter. The same price will also get you a Switch, copy of ARMS, and an extra set of Switch Joy-Con controllers.

Newegg—The PC parts retailer does have Switches in stock, but you’ll pay a premium for them at the moment. A system with red and blue Joy-Con controllers runs $435.

Amazon—It’s not especially hard to find a Switch on Amazon, but as with Newegg, you’ll often pay a premium to its resellers, even though orders are fulfilled by Amazon. (A device with red-and-blue Joy-Cons, for example, is currently available for $423.) Over the past month or so, though, Amazon has had both the red/blue Joy-Con model and the grey Joy-Con model in stock and for sale for the normal retail price of $299. Set an alert on the site and act fast when you get a notification.

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