By Ellen McGirt
July 10, 2017

You want to get rid of toxic workplaces? Me too.

I’ll be heading to Fortune Brainstorm Tech next week, the annual retreat for Fortune 500 leaders, tech entrepreneurs and the people who fund them, presented in association with the Aspen Institute. I’m sure I’ll leave with lots of interesting insights to share.

I’ll also be leading a panel on a topic that’s top of mind in tech and beyond, called How To Avoid A Toxic Culture.

The panelists are:

Blake Irving, CEO, GoDaddy

Susan Lyne, President and Managing Partner, BBG Ventures

Patrick Quinlan, Co-founder and CEO, Convercent

Joshua Reeves, Co-founder and CEO, Gusto

Cindy Whitehead, Founder and CEO, The Pink Ceiling

We’ll be digging into all the challenges of maintaining an inclusive and legally compliant culture while a company is in growth mode. But toxicity is so much more than that.

Since this is a topic many of you have experienced firsthand, I thought I’d invite you to help shape the conversation. What do you see as the primary drivers of toxicity in the workplace? What are the remedies? What does culture change really entail? Any horror stories to share? What questions do you need answers to?

Send them along this week if you can, or talk to me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Wishing you a non-toxic Monday.


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