By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
July 6, 2017

Good morning,

Which companies care most about their customers? Fortune’s Laura Entis reports on a SurveyMonkey poll that asked that question of 14,000 U.S. adults, and gave them the top 75 companies on the Fortune 500 list to choose from. The top ten are below. Disney remains America’s sweetheart, but we also love companies that provide prompt delivery of our packages:

1) Disney

2) Amazon

3) UPS

4) FedEx

5) Costco

6) Microsoft

7) Home Depot

8) Alphabet

9) Lowe’s

10) Apple


And which companies care least about their customers? Well, financial firms, the cable company, and airlines have a lock on that list. The losers:

1) Wells Fargo

2) Comcast

3) Freddie Mac

4) Fannie Mae

5) JP Morgan Chase

6) Delta Airlines

7) American Airlines

8) Pfizer

9) Citigroup

10) Archer Daniels Midland

By the way, Comcast is spending lots of money advertising its new customer friendly approach. But yesterday, I had to navigate the call-in customer service options, and got disconnected twice. My advice: fix the service first, then advertise.

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Alan Murray



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