By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
June 28, 2017

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I was at Apple headquarters in Cupertino yesterday, just two days before the tenth anniversary of the iPhone launch. It’s amazing how much that little device has changed our lives in a decade—how we communicate, how we consume media, how we shop, how we drive, how we literally navigate life. Yet to hear the folks at the Infinite Loop talk, we are only at the beginning of the smartphone’s transformation of the world of work.

A decade ago, Steve Jobs was contemptuous of selling to businesses. I was at The Wall Street Journal when he came by with a pre-release batch of iPhones, and passed them around for us to test. We were all Blackberry addicts at the time, and one of my colleagues, after several fat fingered attempts to type on the iPhone keyboard, told Jobs he wasn’t sure the new phone would work for enterprises. Jobs responded: “I don’t give a (expletive) about the enterprise business.”

Fast forward a decade, and Apple products now have become firmly ensconced in many companies. Tim Cook recently told Businessweek that “enterprise is like the mother of all opportunities.” The company has partnered with Cisco to link the iPhone’s data and intelligence to Cisco’s office communications networks, and is also working with SAP, IBM, and Deloitte to do more of the same. Cook is particularly excited about the power of Augmented Reality to change the way people work and shop, as well as play. So even if the iPhone’s adoption rate has slowed, its transformative potential still has, in Cook’s words, “an incredible runway.”

News below. And if you are into tech turnarounds, be sure and read Aaron Pressman’s story about CEO Lisa Su’s attempt to pull chip-maker AMD out of its death spiral, which is online today and appears in the July issue of Fortune magazine. Also worth a read is Aaron’s interview with Qualcomm chairman Paul Jacobs , which we published yesterday, and which spans subjects from the iPhone and Qualcomm’s grouse with Apple to designing robotic avatars.

News below.

Alan Murray



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