By Clifton Leaf and Sy Mukherjee
June 21, 2017

Good morning, Dailies. A quick note today. I’m in Palo Alto for a meeting of the Board of Fellows at Stanford Medicine—an institution that, in my view, is brilliantly forging a path to become a true leader in the digital health revolution.

And a case in point: Just yesterday it released a special report, entitled “Harnessing the Power of Data in Health,” that is one of the smartest and most comprehensive takes on the subject I’ve seen. This white paper is no light effort, mind you. In order to produce it, writes Lloyd Minor, Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine, the team of authors did a deep-dive “analysis of existing health care research and open-source data, combined with insights from Stanford faculty and external health care experts.” And trust me, it shows: You can see the months of work and deep thinking that went into creating this report.

It is WELL worth the read!

I’ll save some of my own takeaways for later. But in the coming days, I’m hoping that I can convince Dean Minor to write an essay for the Daily taking us through the report—and sharing the lessons and insights that surprised him most from the research.

Until then, dive in yourself.

Clifton Leaf, Editor in Chief, FORTUNE


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