By Stacy Jones
June 16, 2017

Fortune data editor Stacy Jones has been filling in for Ellen McGirt this week while she’s away on vacation.

As promised yesterday, here is the Fortune 500 Diversity Project data.

And now, your week in review in haiku:

Biff! Bam! Ka-Pow! We
honor the caped crusader
with a bat signal.

It’s not a “witch hunt,”
it’s a real investigation,
Mr. President.

Alexa, buy me
Whole Foods Market. OK, Jeff.
It costs thirteen billion.

The Uber c-suite
has some open offices. Lyft
has gained market share.

“Are you yellow,” asks
Aussie podcast host of his Asian
coworker. Yes, really.

Here’s hoping you make some time for self-care this weekend. There’s some ideas over at TED, if you need ’em.

I’ve had a blast writing the newsletter and hearing from so many of you this week! Ellen returns on Monday. I hope to make some more guest appearances with you kind and brilliant humans.



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