By Claire Zillman
June 6, 2017

If campaigning for re-election wasn’t tough enough, two British MP candidates are running in the U.K.’s snap election on Thursday with newborns in tow.

The BBC has a profile of Labour candidate Emma Reynolds and Conservative Andrea Jenkyns, who are canvassing their constituencies along with their baby boys.

Jenkyns had a C-section to deliver her son Clifford some nine weeks ago. She was still recovering when Prime Minister Theresa May called for the snap election on April 18, but started campaigning as soon as she was physically able.

“All bets are off with maternity leave,” she said. “You’re fighting for your job, really.”

Reynolds’s seven-week-old son Theo was born just four days before May announced the surprise contest, and she says she relied on her husband for help with her re-election bid because she was so exhausted.

Both women say people on the campaign trail have responded positively to their sons.

“They’re often very surprised but they often want to have a peek at his gorgeous face,” says Reynolds.

But having a baby on the campaign trail does produce unique challenges from time to time. Jenkyns’s son Clifford got sick in her hair just moments before she was set to meet May during the prime minister’s visit to Jenkyns’s constituency.

“I had to try and and mad dash to get it cleaned up before I went and met Theresa May,” Jenkyns recalls

If nothing else, Reynolds says her experience proves that wanting a family is not necessarily incompatible with working in politics. “You can do both,” she says. “It is possible.”



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