By Ellen McGirt
April 26, 2017

If you want to make your day a little brighter, I suggest you start with a beer.

More accurately, I’d start with Heineken’s latest ad campaign. It’s an elegant expansion of a simple trope – that even most difficult things can be sorted if you talk them out over a beer. The ad immediately has a different vibe: No scantily clad women, no sports viewing, no chest thumping. That alone makes it a stand-out.

But the #OpenYourWorld campaign is a true delight. In a short video, a series of strangers are paired up to complete a simple but mysterious set of tasks, but they don’t know what we do: That they vehemently disagree on an important topic – like climate change or transgender rights.

The big reveals are unusually effective.

Without spoiling too much, I’ll just say this: The video is an unexpected tribute to the diversity and inclusion dream and how plays out in offices every day. Sure, having a beer is a great way to connect. But it was the work that people did together to earn the beer that made a real connection possible. (From labor springs intimacy – is there a German word for that?) The big takeaway: Every day is a new chance to turn the stereotype two cubicles over into a person you can relate to.

Enjoy. Let’s have a beer sometime, eh?


Correction: Yesterday’s story on the drama with SheaMoisture’s offensive video ad accidentally linked to the collected speeches of Jefferson Davis, which many of you thought was an epic troll on my part. It was an error. Here is the correct link, with my apologies and promise to step up my troll game.


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