A Kohl's store.
Photo by Ricardo DeAratanha — LA Times via Getty Images
By Madeline Farber
March 12, 2017

Kohl’s allegedly refused an Arizona man and his wife a refund after they accidently paid their $1,500 Kohl’s credit card bill twice.

According to 3TV News’ “3 On Your Side” in Arizona, the couple misunderstood who would pay the bill. While the man paid the bill in cash, his wife made a payment online—costing the couple $3,000, not the $1,500 they owed.

But instead of canceling one of the payments, the couple claims Kohl’s placed a $1,500 charge on their account anyway. Though they contacted the retailer multiple times, Kohl’s refused to issue a refund. One representative reportedly told the man he should use the credit to shop, 3TV News reports.

“I’m really in disbelief. The customer service was horrible. I should have been taken care of a long time ago,” the man said.

After 3TV News contacted the retailer’s corporate offices about the incident, Kohl’s reportedly sent a $1,500 check to the couple and apologized to them.

However, the couple should have never had a problem getting their money back. Consumerist reports that both the Kohl’s credit card agreement and federal law require card issuers to refund credit balances per the cardholder’s request.

Kohl’s could not immediately be reached for comment when contacted by Fortune.


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