By Don Reisinger
March 10, 2017

Two prominent technology executives shared a dinner this week, and now the Internet has exploded with questions over what they were discussing.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were spied having a private dinner at a restaurant in Silicon Valley on Wednesday. People walking by saw the two at the Tamarine Restaurant in Palo Alto, Calif., snapped photos, and shared them on social media sites.

In the days since the executives had their meeting, the photos have gone viral, leaving many to speculate on what the prominent Silicon Valley figures might have been discussing.

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The meeting comes amid growing competition between Apple and Alphabet-owned Google (GOOGL). In October, Google unveiled the Pixel, the first smartphone that was both designed and engineered by the company. Google has clearly designed the Pixel to take on Apple’s iPhone and at the device’s unveiling threw a subtle jab at Apple by saying that the Pixel’s rear-facing camera is better than any other smartphone’s, including the iPhone 7’s.

The companies are also competing across the wearable, software, and home entertainment markets, among several others. In some respects, Google and Apple (AAPL) are one another’s biggest competitors.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that their respective CEOs can’t break bread.

Neither Apple nor Google immediately responded to a Fortune request for comment on the CEOs’ dinner. For now, then, we’re left to speculate about their discussion.


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