By Ellen McGirt
March 9, 2017

Today marks the 20th anniversary of one of Fortune’s most beloved and increasing important lists, The 100 Best Companies To Work For. For the eighth time in eleven years, Google is number one. Well done.

This is the list where the people doing the work speak for themselves. To create it, Fortune partners with the folks from Great Place to Work, who assess detailed feedback from more than 230,000 employees, in what is considered to be the most extensive employee survey in corporate America. Have fun with the list online – you can sort by compensation, paid time off, perks and of course, diversity. Number one in that spot is Baptist Health South Florida. Interesting pattern alert: Of the top 10 corporations with the greatest diversity, five are hotel/hospitality companies, including Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Marriott International, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

What makes a best company? Says Michael Bush, the CEO of Great Place to Work, it’s understanding how to unlock the real human potential of the people who work there. “Here’s what we know: That treating people with respect, credibility and fairness gives you a significant edge,” he says. “We can link those leadership behaviors to economics, but those behaviors have to be real.”

If you’re free tonight, follow Fortune Magazine on Facebook and tune in at 6pm Eastern a live stream event celebrating the list. In addition to learning more from Michael Bush, you’ll get to hear some inspiration from leadership titan Marcus Buckingham and a panel starring Anthony McBride, Chief Human Relations Officer from Edward Jones, Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture North America and Mike DeFrino, CEO of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. Just how does one turn a good company into a great one? Tune in to find out.



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