The emblem of a Mercedes-Benz of C-Class car is pictured on the assembly line of Mercedes-Benz on January 24, 2017 in Bremen, Germany.
Alexander Koerner—Getty Images
By Ryan Ho Kilpatrick
March 7, 2017

Off-road driving is set to become more luxurious—and expensive—than ever before, thanks to the new Mercedes-Benz Maybach SUV unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Passengers aboard the V12-powered Mercedes-Maybach G-Class 650 will enjoy massages from designer leather chairs, warm drinks courtesy of thermal cup holders and a sunroof that opens to reveal the great outdoors, Bloomberg reports.

All that pampering won’t come cheap, though. At $500,000, the 99 units parent company Daimler AG (ddaif) plans to roll out will be the most expensive sports utility vehicles ever produced.

These extravagant gas-guzzlers also represent a Faustian pact for the automaker: by targeting ultra-rich customers with high-margin models such as the Maybach, Bloomberg suggests, Mercedes is able to bankroll the development of electric cars, autonomous-driving features and ride-sharing platforms.

For more on the Geneva Auto Show, see Fortune’s video:

So far, the strategy is working. Last year Mercedes surpassed BMW (bmwyy) as the world’s best-selling luxury marque, allowing Daimler to step-up its research and development budget by almost a quarter.


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