A screen capture from the fourth season of HBO's hit series 'Silicon Valley.'
Screenshot courtesy HBO
By Dan Snierson and Entertainment Weekly
February 17, 2017

Last Friday, we learned the airdate for the season 4 premiere of Silicon Valley. This Friday? HBO dropped the tech comedy’s first trailer for this new batch of episodes.

Richard (Thomas Middleditch) has a big announcement that he needs to drop on the Pied Piper crew: He’s quitting. But he is taking the name Pied Piper—which we last saw being repositioned as a video chat company—and is going to try to build something else. Maybe a new internet? That sounds crazy. But maybe? Probably so crazy, it just might work.

Watch Richard and Jared (Zach Woods) celebrate a new beginning in the trailer for season 4, which gets underway April 23.

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HBO also released an image from the new season, which may have been taken before Richard’s announcement:

But also? Maybe not.


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