By Claire Zillman
February 6, 2017

On Friday, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin published a photograph of herself signing a climate bill while surrounded by seven female colleagues, one of whom is pregnant. The tableau was noticeably similar to one of U.S. President Donald Trump signing a bill that limited women’s access to abortion counseling worldwide except for one difference: in his photo, Trump was surrounded entirely by men.

At the time Trump’s photo was published, it drew intense ire. California Senator Kamala Harris tweeted the image. “This group just made it more difficult for women to get access to health care worldwide. You tell me what’s wrong with this picture,” she said.

Lövin’s message was deliberate but subtle. She would only say that the photo illustrated Sweden’s “feminist government” and that “it was up to the observer” to decipher its message.

But it’s apparent that the picture was interpreted as Lövin had hoped. On Saturday, she tweeted her appreciation for “the thousands of awesome, powerful people from all around the world thanking us for the #climate law pic.” She added: “Love. Stay focused!”



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