By Claire Zillman
January 12, 2017

As the debate over sexism in the workplace inches forward, it’s become clear that women should not be waging this battle on their own. Without men’s help, women’s fight for gender parity and equal treatment is a lonely, difficult one that comes with the risk of retaliation and social stigma.

Last year, I highlighted the work of Valerie Aurora, a feminist activist who is teaching men in Silicon Valley how to stop their peers’ biased behavior. It turns out there’s a group of guys in London who are promoting similar training. ‘Manbassadors’ is a male-led group at the London Business School whose aim is to support the cause of female executives after graduation. It puts on events—from casual gatherings to guest speakers and seminars—to engage MBA students on subjects related to gender equality, such as how to recognize and avoid implicit bias in performance reviews.

The group asks participants to vow to “proactively engage” in conversations about gender differences on campus. “The idea was to ask students not just to be added to a mailing list or show their support, but rather pledge to be an active participant in gender discussions,” Harish Patel, who joined after watching his sister struggle professionally after having a baby, told the FT. So far, some 350 students have signed up.



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