By Alan Murray
December 22, 2016

Good morning.

What does it take for a brand to break through the noise in today’s marketplace? That’s the question we explore in the January issue of our magazine. To get an answer, we surveyed over 4,000 consumers and asked them to name the brands that mean the most to them, both overall and across a variety of industries. We then sorted through the results, did our own reporting and analysis, and came up with a list of 10 “Breakthrough Brands” – relative newbies who in a very short time have managed to earn a place with the likes of Coca-Cola, Disney and Apple.

Our top ten are all less than ten years old. And perhaps not surprisingly, all are tech companies — which says something about the digital chops needed to break through today. Top of the list is Airbnb, which is the biggest development in the hospitality business since Holiday Inns started dotting the roads three quarters of a century ago. You can read the the full list here.

Also out this morning – an excerpt from an upcoming book by Fortune’s Leigh Gallagher that tells the inside story of how Airbnb made its breakthrough. And a look at how the room-sharing service is making the big hotel chains sweat.

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Alan Murray


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