By Alan Murray
December 13, 2016

Good morning.

Scanning the headlines at this hour, it is hard to escape the impression that we have all become bit players in Donald Trump’s reality TV show. This morning’s sampler:

Trump set to name Exxon CEO to be Secretary of State.

Trump officially names Goldman Sachs President to be National Economic Adviser.

Trump postpones press conference to reveal his plans for leaving his business until January.

Bill Gates pitches Trump on clean energy.

Why Trump and tech need each other.

Trump eyes Carly Fiorina for Director of National Intelligence.

Trump tells Romney he won’t be Secretary of State.

Top Republicans back probe on whether Russia meddled in Trump’s election.

Will Trump tweet after Fed’s rate decision Wednesday?

Trump tweet knocks Lockheed Martin stock down 4%.

Those last two have Wall Street traders especially roiled, as they realize the big money to be made these days comes not from their existing algorithms, but from rapid response to the President-elect’s Twitter posts.

Non-Trump news below.

Alan Murray


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