By Sy Mukherjee and Clifton Leaf
December 2, 2016

Good morning and happy Friday, readers.

This is Sy taking over for Cliff once again as he’s busy chatting with some of the world’s top business executives and leaders about public health during the Fortune and Time Global Forum in Rome. You can follow the event in real time through the #fortunetimeglobal hashtag on Twitter.

On Thursday, Cliff interviewed Harvard physician Dr. Raj Panjabi, one of the very leaders working to address the stubborn inequities in global health. Panjabi was just named the winner of the $1 million 2017 TED Prize for the efforts of his organization, Last Mile Health, and told Cliff that private businesses can do much more to address healthcare’s so-called “last mile problem”—wherein even companies with massive distribution networks have trouble reaching the most vulnerable and secluded populations.

As my colleague Adam Lashinsky writes, Last Mile Health takes a proactive approach to this issue by training local residents in areas like rural Liberia to provide their communities with primary medical services and health information. But the true driver of health inequality is still economic inequality, Panjabi notes. And on that front, it’s up to the private sector to step up by working with general managers to hire rural workers and employing people from these developing communities to become part of companies’ global supply chains.

Catch up on the interview here. And read on for the day’s news.

Sy Mukherjee


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