This story has been updated to reflect a response from Twitter.

Twitter twtr is poaching a feature from Snapchat that it likely hopes will encourage users to follow more accounts.

As of Wednesday Twitter has added QR codes to iOS and Android devices, providing an alternative to manually searching for someone’s profile and clicking the follow button. According to the Verge, this is a feature that’s been fairly popular among Snapchat snapchat users. However, Facebook fb Messenger has also tried it out, and it hasn’t been quite as successful.

When you click on the settings button on your profile, you’ll now be prompted with a “QR Code” option. Click it to find both your personal QR code as well as a QR scanner. The new feature was fittingly announced on Twitter by one of the company’s product designers.

Twitter has recently been struggling with growth, and QR codes are just one of the many new features it has added in the past year in an attempt to combat that—including Moments, #Stickers, and Periscope streaming, to name a few. Meanwhile, Snapchat continues to grow at a fast pace, and it has even surpassed Twitter in terms of daily users.

A spokesperson for Twitter confirmed to Fortune that this feature will be rolled out to everyone in the coming days.