By Claire Zillman
November 16, 2016

A hotline for complaints of mansplaining? A Swedish union has turned what sounds like a sketch comedy premise into reality. No kidding.

Unionen, the nation’s largest union with 600,000 workers, is encouraging its female members to call a hotline when male coworkers “mansplain” or give them unsolicited lectures on things they already understand. The new resource, which will advise frustrated callers on what action to take next, is aimed at upping equality. Left unchecked, mansplaining can contribute to men out-earning women and being promoted faster, the organization said. Those outcomes are “something most of us, regardless of sex, think is unfair and want to change,” it said.

Not all the union members were receptive to the announcement. Seemingly unaware of the irony, some men stated in Facebook posts that such an initiative was unnecessary, but the organization is standing by its program. “Enough women are exposed to enough mansplaining for it to be a problem that needs to be highlighted, discussed and solved,” said Peter Tai Christensen, the union’s gender expert.



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