The staff of Fortune recently assembled its predictions for 2017. Here’s one of our forecasts.

This year Burger King bkw tried to take a bite of Chipotle’s cmg lunch with its Whopperrito, and McDonald’s took a pass at Starbucks’ seasonal magic with pumpkin-spiced fries. Here, the weird ways food giants will (or, okay, might) try to knock each other off in 2017.

DQ takes a page from Taco Bell with the Black Bean Blizzard Supreme.

KFC yum goes after McDonald’s with the 12-piece Bucket of Cheeseburgers.

Applebee’s Tuña Colada: rich in omega-3s and rum. Look out, Long John Silver’s.

Starbucks sbux takes a page from In ‘n’ Out with the Animal Style Frappuccino

Pizza Hut steals from Baskin Robbins with their new Rocky Road Stuffed Crust pizza.