The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
CBS Photo Archive CBS via Getty Images
By Mahita Gajanan
November 9, 2016

Stephen Colbert took on the election in a live Showtime special on Tuesday.

In a clip from his monologue, the Late Show host reveled in his newfound right to speak uncensored on Showtime and used the moment to air clips from his nightly CBS show that had previously been censored. The montage included plenty of cursing, including a moment when Colbert called Donald Trump a “f—ko.”

Colbert spared no jokes when it came to Trump, recounting the biggest moments from Election Day, including the photo captured of Trump spying on his wife in the voting booth.

“That is the first time that Trump has been caught cheating off one of his wives instead of on one of his wives,” he joked.

Watch the clip below.

The Showtime special’s cold open featured an animated Trump seeking revenge by winning the election after President Obama made fun of him at a State Dinner.


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