Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for the Donald Trump campaign, talks with reporters.
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images
By Stephen Gandel
November 9, 2016

The GOP never got behind Donald Trump.

At least that’s the opinion of Trump’s top campaign aide Kellyanne Conway. On Tuesday night, Conway said on an appearance on MSNBC that the Trump campaign never had the full support of the Republican national party. Conway also took a swipe at President George W. Bush, who put out a statement earlier on Tuesday that the former president didn’t vote for anyone for president.

“We have former presidents not voting for us, former nominees not voting for us,” said Conway. “That’s got to hurt. When you talk about growing the party, the idea was growing it, but having that base together.”

Already the Trump campaign appears to be playing the blame game. Besides Republican party leaders, Trump and his team have said that there were issues at voting sites around the country. Trump has also said that the polls showing he was behind in the election were purposely constructed to deceive voters he couldn’t win.


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