By Claire Zillman
November 7, 2016

Myanmar, the world’s youngest democracy, is led by de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, but the business community there is run almost entirely by men. One exception is Win Win Tint, the founder and CEO of City Mart Holding, a family-owned grocery store with more than 150 locations that she took over in 1996.

The nation’s largest supermarket chain reported $200 million in sales last year and she wants to reach the $1 billion mark by 2020. “We are not that close,” Tint says, “I believe that if the political situation will be right, then that is achievable.”

Tint’s target could become even harder to reach if more international business moves into the nation that was, until 2011, ruled by an oppressive military junta. But she’s positioned herself to attract and maintain the best talent as the market grows more competitive by providing perks like paid maternity leave. That benefit is especially notable, considering the company recorded a staggering 300 births among its female employees last year. But Tint has a refreshing, matter-of-fact perspective on the issue: “That’s nature and we have to just make it work. Have the system to make it work.”



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