By Alan Murray
November 2, 2016

Good morning.

I’m in San Diego this morning, for the inaugural Fortune Brainstorm Health conference, which is providing a fascinating glimpse into the future of health care. Yesterday’s sessions ranged from an exhilarating look at how big data and artificial intelligence can improve cancer diagnoses to a disturbing discussion of how unprepared we are for the next pandemic, and included a demonstration of how virtual reality can reduce pain and a meditation session with Deepak Chopra.

But my favorite session of the day was my colleague Cliff Leaf’s interview with Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn. She has done breakthrough research on telomeres, which are little caps at the end of our DNA that wear away with age. Her work has provided a scientific window into the aging process, and how to slow it down.

Her conclusion? “Essentially what your mother told you: exercise, sleep well, have a good attitude, and eat decent food.”

You can read more from the conference here .

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Alan Murray


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