The wine with the most bang for the buck.
Sara Sanger, King Estate
By Lucinda Shen
October 12, 2016

Wine drinkers are growing ever more adventurous, popularizing New World wines and grape varietals including Malbec and Pinot Noir.

But consumers don’t have to drain their pockets dry to sip the good stuff.

Wine Enthusiast released a list of 100 wines from around the world they considered the best for under $15 a bottle—narrowing it down from over 21,000 wines reviewed over the past year.

Their top 10 picks are wide ranging, including a Viognier from Australia and a boxed red blend from California.

Here is Wine Enthusiast’s top 10 budget-friendly wines:


Most of the top 10 wines received an “Excellent” rating, meaning the tasters highly recommend the drink. The 2013 Bota Box and the 2015 Stemmari were the only exceptions, earning a “Very Good” rating, meaning it is well recommended.


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