The transit area in the Dubai International Airport
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By Cailey Rizzo and Travel + Leisure
October 7, 2016

The much-used phrase of every connected traveler (“Excuse me, what’s your Wi-Fi password?”) may start phasing out. For those looking to hook up to an airport’s Wi-Fi, there’s now a map for that.

Anil Polat, a travel blogger and computer security engineer, created a handy map to share the log-on information for airports around the world to help travelers make layover time productive.

Included for each airport are the Wi-Fi name, password, and where travelers should sit to pick up the best signal. And it’s not information about how to get those free 15 minutes of Wi-Fi service by watching an ad. The list contains log-on information for the lesser-used Wi-Fi in places like restaurants, bars, and lounges around the airport.

The map, reported on by Mashable, currently includes the log-on information for 127 different airports, but the list is constantly growing.

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Every time someone encounters an airport that is not on the list, they can send log-on information to Polat, who verifies it before putting it on the map.

Polat constantly updates the list on his website and Google Maps (googl). But because it’s pretty difficult to find out information online without access to Wi-Fi, the map is also available as a $1.99 offline app (for iOS and Android).



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