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Stocks rose around the world today, as markets celebrated the Federal Reserve’s decision to delay interest rate hikes one more time. But Chairman Yellen said the case for a rate rise has strengthened, and three members of the Fed’s policy committee dissented from her decision, increasing the odds that the Hamlet of Foggy Bottom will act in December.



Meanwhile, this morning Fortune releases its annual 40 under 40 list – a celebration of the young people who are disrupting business and society. Spend some time with the list, which you can find here. It’s a window into the world to come.



Finally, new polls out today show Hillary Clinton has a six point lead nationally (WSJ/NBC), but Donald Trump has taken the lead in the key battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio (Fox). The U.S. election is still too close to call.



By the way, I wasn’t trying to make a political comment yesterday when I quoted Irish telecom magnate Denis O’Brien saying good things about the work of the Clinton Global Initiative, as some readers suggested. Seems to me it is possible to believe CGI has done good things for the world without necessarily endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. I will be glad when this election season ends.


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Alan Murray