Alan Greenspan says this is the worst political and economic environment he’s ever seen.

The 90-year-old former Federal Reserve Chairman spoke about the current presidential election at a conference this week, as reported by Bloomberg, expressing fear about the state of our country and where we’re headed.

Greenspan, who ran the Fed from 1987 to 2006 during the nation’s longest economic boom, said we’re headed toward stagflation—a state of high inflation, high unemployment, and stagnant demand in our economy.

Greenspan said that our country is unstable, adding, “I hope we can all find a way out because this is too great a country to be undermined, by how should I say it, crazies.” He did not specify who exactly those “crazies” are.

“It is the worst economic and political environment that I’ve ever been remotely related to,” Greenspan told his audience. He didn’t appear to be too optimistic about the upcoming election as he added, “Politically, I haven’t a clue how this comes out.”


At this point, it’s anybody’s game. According to poll aggregates, Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by just 2.1%, which is within the margin of error.