By Robert Hackett
August 13, 2016

The “silly season” is upon us – when the bosses are on vacation, and media wretches have to come up with something to say even as the news goes on holiday. Cyber, it turns out, may have a silly season of its own.

This week I asked Tom Patterson, Chief Trust Officer of security giant Unisys, what he is reading for news — and his answer was “nothing” until the hype over DefCon and BlackHat settles down.

Patterson says those events produce theoretical demonstrations that are soon spun into too many fantastical, sky-is-falling scare stories. Want an example? Patterson said the panic over the hacking of Volkswagen keys is a prime example of something that is technically possible, but far from a real world problem.

What do you think, readers? Does Patterson sound like a “get off my lawn” kind of guy — or does he have a point about too much hype over hacking?

I came to share some of his sentiment this week when I reported on an alleged cyber-threat to the 2016 election. If you saw the story, it probably screamed something like this:

But when I dug into the story, the real threat of hackers hijacking the election turned out to be basically zero. For now, corrupt party bosses stuffing ballots are a bigger threat than a sinister cyber army. (I’m not the only one who found this – Bloomberg also described the threat as “highly unlikely“).

On the other hand, as our round-up reflects, there’s is serious stuff to worry about. If you want to, that is — for now, my worries center on the right amount of mint to muddle into my julep. Have a great weekend, readers. Robert will be back with next week’s newsletter.

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